What is IAQ – Improvement of IAQ

Improvement of IAQ

Something You Can Do

  1. Maintain adequate air ventilation. Do not block air vents and ducts.
  2. Do not smoke inside indoor environment.
  3. Dispose of perishable food products properly to avoid generating unpleasant odour.
  4. Report to building management for IAQ problems, such as water leakage to avoid the growth of microorganisms.

Useful Tips to Improve IAQ and to Dilute Indoor Air Pollutants

  1. Open the windows often to increase ventilation, if air-conditioners are used, maintain good ventilation with sufficient fresh air supply.
  2. Clean regularly the ventilation system including air filter and ducting, and maintain the system in good working condition at all times.
  3. Quit smoking at home and establish a “non-smoking” policy.
  4. Keep your premises clean and dry, including vacuuming regularly, cleaning up mould and fixing water leakage/seepage and flooding promptly.
  5. Avoid unnecessary partitioning of the premises.
  6. Select products with no or low volatile organic compounds.
  7. Move in new furniture only when it has been “aired-out” adequately.
  8. Provide local exhaust to polluting activities such as heating and cooking, redecoration activities, photocopying, and smoking as far as possible.
  9. Carry out renovation and pest control work during unoccupied times.