What is IAQ – Improvement of IAQ

Improvement of IAQ

Eliminating polluting sources and maintaining sufficient ventilation are the keys to improving IAQ. The following are some common useful tips.

Source Control

  1. clean the ventilation system regularly, including air filters and ducting.
  2. keep your premises clean and dry, including vacuuming regularly.
  3. clean up mould, and fix water leakages and flooding promptly.
  4. choose products with no or low volatile organic compounds.
  5. air out new furniture.
  6. dispose of perishable food to avoid generating unpleasant odours.
  7. prohibit smoking in an indoor environment.
  8. carry out renovation or pest control work outside normal working hours.

Ventilation Improvement

  1. maintain adequate ventilation and do not block air vents and ducts.
  2. avoid unnecessary partitioning of premises.
  3. open windows to increase ventilation.
  4. if air-conditioners are used, maintain adequate ventilation with sufficient fresh air supply.
  5. adjust the ventilation rate that is adequate to the occupancy level.
  6. conduct regular maintenance on the ventilation system.
  7. provide local exhausts for polluting activities such as heating, cooking and photocopying as far as possible.